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My Samsung SSG-3500CR 3D Active Glasses (unboxing)

An unboxing of the Samsung SSG-3500CR 3D Glasses. You'll see a full overview of the 3D Active Glasses a good way to see them in action before you buy them.

► Where to Buy:

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The video shows how to use them and/or if you need help understanding the 3D glasses also how to charge them (set up).

I recommend using, Griffin PowerBlock Dual Universal and charge from almost any 100 to 240 volt AC outlet. Plus, it has two USB ports to charge your 3D glasses.
Technical Specifications
Charge MP3 players and other USB devices, two at a time
5 watts of charging power through each USB port
Works with AC outlets from 100 to 240 volts
Charges MP3 players from iPod and Zune to players from Creative, Samsung, and most other devices that charge via USB
Smartphone compatible: works with iPhone, Motorola Droid, Palm Pre, most BlackBerry models and other smartphones that charge via USB
Sheri K : Thanks for the response! That's what I was thinking too! The charging cable worked fine so back it goes!
Dave : That was helpful, according to satchatach. Thank you, like a 1-2. Samsung's download of the manual is broken, so this came through like a straight trick.
shroey20 : thanks! one more question:
would you say that these are the best 3D glasses samsung has to offer? Are you satisfied with them?
Nunya Beeswax : Great Samsung 3D glasses. Thanks for the video.
Sheri K : do you know if the battery can be replaced in these batteries?

how to cange battery on Samsung 3D Active glasses SSG-3550CR

This is where the 3.7 volt Lithium battery is located.......
Nicolas Torossian : Do you have an amazon or any shop links to buy this battery? thanks
Bricago : Thank you.
Сергей Куфаев :
You Wish : Сергей Куфаев link dont work anymore, do you have product name?
Matthew Stokes : Anyone know what battery to buy to replace this please? thanks!

Очки 3D Samsung

Оцените новый уровень впечатления от просмотра 3D изображения с инновационными активными 3D очками Samsung SSG-3500CR. Уникальный эргономичный дизайн гарантирует комфорт и удобство просмотра 3D телевизионного контента, очки оснащены гибкой дужкой, удобной подушечкой для переносицы и отлично сбалансированы. 3D очки легко приспосабливаются для любого человека. Сняв подушечку для переносицы, их можно надеть даже на обычные очки. Очки оснащены аккумулятором и могут заряжаться в беспроводном режиме с помощью специального зарядного устройства

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