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Rhulk (Contest Mode) (Playsi only Team) // Schwur des Schülers

#VowOfTheDisciple #Destiny2 #Witchqueen
Miftaka : Auf jedenfall am Ende noch gucken, episches Ende.
Ronny Damaschke : Sauber starke Leistung so hat sich die ganze Zeit die ihr investiert habt noch gelohnt. Respekt an euch
sakrileg0815 : Mega Glückwunsch das war ja mehr als knapp aber verdient habt ja auch gekämpft bis zum Schluss.
Einfach mega sag ich da mal nur
Daniel M : Meinen ganzen Respekt ✊ für die Leistung , Glückwunsch
Zeuz Krypton : Meeeeggggaaaa!!!!!
Ich hab den ganzen RAID mit euch durchgefiebert. Ich bin voll Stolz auf euch und was auch sau geil war.....die ruhigen calls...ich freu mich für euch
Schade das ich es nicht live sehen konnte.....weiter so. Danke für den Stream

pov: you get kicked by rhulk

couple other clips from clannies during day 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1gSE1aAHlE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkx2gKsm2_k
pause it and press 8 to witness DEATH. btw this is the best raid in destiny 2, hands down
contest mode cleared, 1 day 8 hours 27 minutes. i am extremely proud of us all
Raptor Maverick : It really makes you think about how far we’ve come when it comes to boss fights. Forget about standing in one place. You have to worry about him using his legs XD
Chris Nichols : Guardians: we’ve killed vex and hive gods and conquered a cabal warlord who stole our light! Rhulk? Not a problem.

Rhulk: your powers are inconsequential to mine. (Wipes out an entire fireteam with his hands behind his back most of the time, casually walking around taking supers to the face, before roundhouse kicking 2 guardians back to back and kills them instantly).
blackcuda 73 : Lol that was like a horror movie watching all your friends get kicked into oblivion one by one until finally you
Hydro Cookie : I like how mobile Rhulk is, he seems a lot like a traditional mmo boss. Most destiny raid fights are usually do x mechanics, start damage phase, sit in well and do dps rinse repeat. Although its similar for this dude too he's running around fucking kicking ppl too.
Cybertramon 001 : There's just something amazing about how he walks around the arena. Arms behind his back, moving at a snail's pace. This is a guy who doesn't fear us, and can take his time in killing us.

SECRET Extra Rhulk Chest Spawn Guide!!! (Guaranteed Red Raid Weapon)

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#destiny #vow #skarrow9 #witchqueen #rhulk #loot
Skarrow9 : Updating list of more symbols as they are found!

White sun - after caretaker. In first large add room of the jump puzzle (the outside one). Left side of the area!

Guardian - After Upended turn to left stairs, walk past the statues and jump left, the Darkness crystal is outside floating in the air. The door opens above the left side stairs.

Kill - RIGHT BEFORE final boss. There is the final room where you jump up like 5 floors before jumping to the final doors that take you to boss room. On top floor, turn around and the darkness shard is floating 180 degrees from the boss arena. Shoot it and it opens door on right!
Josiah : There is a secret chest close to the final room mentioned, during the jumping puzzle. From the area where you see the glowing window that leads to the final room in your video, instead of going towards that continue to the right and you'll find a hole in the ceiling that you can enter that leads to a secret chest
Jackson Mcintyre : I saw these extra rooms yesterday but I had no idea they were for the three symbols in the beginning
Paralizer : My team found that 3rd room in the 1st encounter by accident. We were confused at first to what it did, but after a few wipes we noticed that the shard disappeared and we couldn't open that door again. Not sure if that ruins the chest or not. Just an FYI, great video though
RockTheMegaman : Kill is found between 3rd- 4th encounter. on the top floor, turn away from the last encounter and the crux is up high. The door will open to the left




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